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I took this a while ago, and had forgotten about it :P This was at a little local nursery that Zach and I went to this past summer :) It is such a cute place :)
I have been doing some "soul searching" lately. For some reason lately I have felt that I really needed to connect to who I am and what makes me "me".
Part of this started for my search of creativity. A while ago I asked myself how does my art express what I want it to express? I unfortunately wasn't able to come up with an answer for this.
Before I was "happy" with my creations. But now I am just playing and having fun; making photos that will hopefully make people laugh and bring a smile to their face . I feel that I am finally expressing my different thoughts :)
As Zach said the other day "why does it feel like everything is coming to life?"
It's because I feel that my creativity has come to life, and is taking on a new direction.
Before all of this I would have long long periods of artist block. Now I can barely keep up with the ideas for future photo shoots :)

We'll see where this goes! I am hopeful though :)

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1/16/2011 03:13:11 am

Hi Allison! It's wonderful when we start creating from that special place deep inside. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks so much for your lovely email ... I've been poking around looking at your 52 week project! A lovely collection! :)

Have a great week!

~ Lynda

1/21/2011 03:48:26 am

Lynda, Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) It is truly amazing when we connect with our creative selves and just let go, letting our muse drive the way :) Thank you for checking out my 52 weeks project! I love the pictures that you have come up with for your 52 weeks on your blog! So pretty!! :D The moon has been so beautiful these past few nights. I love the picture that you captured of it! :)

1/21/2011 09:58:19 am

Hey that's awesome, that your creativity is flowing freely, that you can barely keep up with your ideas for photo shoots. Don't you love it when that happens?? Whoohoo! Remember to write down those ideas in a journal or sketchbook. At least that's what my husband tells me to I always do that....well... Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your artwork in the future.

1/22/2011 10:45:01 am

hello allison. thank you so much for your visit to my blog and lovely comment. it made me feel very happy imagining someone sitting quietly at the bookstore reading and thinking about my art.

you have created a delightful little place to visit her on your blog. i love the whimsical humor of your photographs. it's like you have all sorts of creatures living in your house entertaining you :)

have a good school term and don't get tooo homesick!

1/26/2011 02:03:30 am


It has been great to have the creativity practically bursting out of me :) I've never had that before, so it has been pretty amazing :) I have the cutest little sketchbook that I doodle all of my ideas in whenever I can, except for when I'm driving ;)

1/26/2011 02:06:33 am


Your art is so beautiful :) I especially love the picture of the lady gently holding a little bird. You have such a pretty garden! Thank you for your kind comment :) This little faces have made my home feel so magical :)


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