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It was another crazy weekend that ensued :P Some good things, some bad things, but I was happy to spend time with my hubby, and so overall I feel it was a good weekend, with just a few bumps here and there.

Friday was lovely :) Zach told me that we could do whatever I wanted to do that day. I had some things in mind, but my glasses broke earlier in the week, so I had to take care of that first :) So now I have wonderful new glasses, which fit wonderfully, and are in one piece :D  After getting the glasses we went to a used bookstore where I attempted to find all of the old tattered books :)

Zach is getting very good at helping me find old books :D I picked one up the other day, and he said "Nah, that one is not as aesthetically pleasing as your other ones" hee hee hee :D

We also went to the music store so I could find some sheet music to be able to start practicing my flute again :D I miss it and my piano very much. Music has always been a big part of me, and so right now I just want to play ;)

Saturday I had class. We went to an art museum. It was really neat, and I took my daddy with me so that we could spend some time together :) Boy were we tired after all of that though. 3 museums! craziness! ;)

My favorite piece :) It seems like hands were the name of the game this weekend!
Sunday went well until Zach accidentally spilled boiling water on his hands :( Poor thing. We drove around town trying to find a place that would take our insurance. We finally found a place only 10 minutes away, and so they took us in and cared for his hands right away. He was miserable after all this, but his hands are doing better now, so we're happy about that :)
Zach's bandaged and iced burnt hand :P
Other than that, the picture from last week is up. I can't believe that 52 weeks is shortly coming to an end. No worries though ;) I'll be doing it again.

I hope you all have a lovely week :) Thanksgiving is coming soon! :D

Here are a few snippets from this past weekend :)
Halloween rice crispy treats for a party!
halloween toppers by Vanessa Valencia.
Pumpkin carving with Zach!
Schnitzel parties with family and friends!
Zach's pumpkin!
my little pumpkin :)