EarthyPaws Prints
Last night Zach and I had a very serious talk about me pursuing my dreams :) and so we decided that I should submit some of my photographs to some magazines, and work on getting my stuff out there :) I have to admit, I am super nervous about this :P My photographs are a part of me, the way that I express myself, and so I'm kind of apprehensive about sending it to people I don't know , where it might be rejected, and allowing myself to be vulnerable But I'm going to do it! :)

Zach helped me to see what it was that everyone saw in my photos, and also to help me realize why I am taking those pictures. I didn't realize it until last night. Silly me :P No wonder I felt stuck :P lololol.

Well. so we'll see where this goes! Please think good thoughts for me :) Oh! and also if you happens to know of any magazines you think I could submit my photos to, please let me know :D  Not sure what it is yet, but picture of the week should be up by tomorrow :)

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