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Well, as many of you can probably tell, I didn't get to post on wednesday as promised. Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way, and ruins some of your plans :P I have been working my tail off towards my graduation. Thankfully we have a nice break next week, so I will certianley be posting and shooting much more often during that time. I have a very fun project in mind that I will start, and I hope that you will all enjoy it :)

I'll give you a hint... you can only see them at night :) Can you guess what it is?

Until then I shall leave you with this funny video (warning it's loud):

Be back sooner than soon! :D
Just jumping on here real quick to let everyone know that I have not disappeared off the face of the earth (thought it feels like it! lolol), just been SUPER busy with exams and such. I have some fun new projects to share with you all soon :) I just have two more tests tomorrow...phooey, but then after that I shall reveal my new little friend who has come to live with me to all of you :) Until then I shall leave you all with this (It makes me giggle. Tee hee! ):

A ladybug cupcake for you! :D
Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope that you have a great day, and remember, the day is not only about love you give to others, but also love that you give to yourself. Show yourself that you care for you. Be romantic with yourself. Buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to a massage or a nice bath, watch your favorite movie while you munch on your favorite dessert, sleep in, or whatever else you may come up with :) The ideas are endless!

Because of work and school my hubby and I celebrated our valentines day this past weekend. It was lovely and just what both of us needed. A mini vacation :) I'm now refreshed and ready for classes this week :)

Oh! and don't forget, there's still time to print some valentines to hand out :) You can find them right here.

I'm off to go do some singing now. I have two tests today which I am very nervous about, but I think all will be ok once I am actually taking them :) Have a great day! and Happy Valentines Day! :D

I have been working on these for a while now, and wanted to say thank you to all of you who visit this blog :) There would be no blog if it wasn't for you. So as a thank you I have created some free valentines for you to use and enjoy :)
Here is a sample of them, there are two sets per sheet. You may print as many as you like :D
I miss those days where you would make little valentines for your classmates, friends, loved ones, etc. It was a lovely way of showing them how much you care about them :) These look and feel great printed on cardstock paper. I had a great time making all of these for you guys! And I wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to my wonderful husband for staying up late last night with me; helping me to make these easily available for you all :D Thank you hunny! You are the greatest!! :D Thank you so much to all of you for your visits and support! I hope you enjoy these! :D
I am sorry to say, but I need to put 52 words on hold for just a little while until May. I need to focus on my classes, which are extremely hard and busy this year. This is my last semester though and so I will start 52 words back up once finals are finished in May :) I will still be posting new pictures, I just will not have them on a deadline. I will still post to my blog as well. I promise, I'm not going anywhere, I'll still be here!

What's that you say? I have to go back to classes???

Oh, um... I can't. Seems that my door is protesting me leaving, and covering the doorknob ;)
Looks like I have to stay here then.

Darn...and I was so looking forward to school ;) Tee hee hee

I still have a bit of packing to do, but if I am trying to consolidate it all into one big bag, and one smaller one. That way I don't have as much running back and forth between the apartment and the car. I am procrastinating on this though, seeing as it doesn't look like the door is going to let me out of the house anytime soon ;)

I've made a few crafts to take with me to decorate my room with. They will help me to feel more like I am here at home, rather than being stranded on Mt. Piles of Schoolwork and Stress :P

It is always difficult leaving my hubby, and now my kitty, and everything else that is my life here. This is my last semester though! Last time that I have to do this! :D And then it will be crazy real world stuff, but it also means I will get to be with my hubby and kitty :)

*fingers crossed* I can do this!

The word of the week has been shot, I hope to have it posted by tonight. Depending on how much more packing I get done today. If not it will be up tomorrow morning.

Well, off I go to find all of my clothes that I have strewn across the whole house!

See you soon!

I took this a while ago, and had forgotten about it :P This was at a little local nursery that Zach and I went to this past summer :) It is such a cute place :)
I have been doing some "soul searching" lately. For some reason lately I have felt that I really needed to connect to who I am and what makes me "me".
Part of this started for my search of creativity. A while ago I asked myself how does my art express what I want it to express? I unfortunately wasn't able to come up with an answer for this.
Before I was "happy" with my creations. But now I am just playing and having fun; making photos that will hopefully make people laugh and bring a smile to their face . I feel that I am finally expressing my different thoughts :)
As Zach said the other day "why does it feel like everything is coming to life?"
It's because I feel that my creativity has come to life, and is taking on a new direction.
Before all of this I would have long long periods of artist block. Now I can barely keep up with the ideas for future photo shoots :)

We'll see where this goes! I am hopeful though :)

A new word of the week is up. This week is "Balance"  You can find it here at:  Word of the Week
Sorry for disappearing on all of you for so long. I became super duper sick the day after Christmas, and felt horrible for a week. I'm still a tad sick, but doing so much better :D

Goodness! I have so much to tell you that I am not sure where to start :P I guess I will start with our new addition to the family :) His name is Ulysses. He was my sister's kitty, but she was unable to keep him. So Zach and I said that we would take him in. He's such a sweetie, and is doing very well adjusting to his new home :D
I didn't take any photos with my new camera when I was sick, but I have all sorts of ideas of things to shoot right now :) especially since I picked up this book on amazon Inspired Photography. It is a wonderful book so far, and I highly recommend it to any type of artist having some creative blocks.

I have started my "52 Words" project for this year and the first word is up :) You can find it here 52 Words. I want this project to be fun, silly, and just plain old enjoyable for those of you who follow this project. Last year I learned how to become disciplined enough to take at least one photograph every week. I am now building upon that :)

It seemed like so much more to tell you when I first started this post, but that was it! hee hee hee. Well off I go to play with my camera more :) 
I came up with a new idea for a photo project, I need everyone's help though please :) If you can just leave one word that you would like to see me try to portray in pictures please leave a comment here. I need 52 words. It can be an emotion, a thing, or an idea, etc... be creative :D I'll shoot one new word each week, and then post the picture(s) here  on my site. Thank you!
Me and the hubby are celebrating the holidays many times over this year :) It's our first christmas being married, and so we're celebrating with a lovely christmas dinner. We're also going to be getting a new addition to our family, so I'll post pictures of him soon :D In the meantime I'm going to go and finish some cleaning, and then work on a christmas painting that has been floating around in my mind :) But I shall leave you with a picture of our cute little christmas tree. Hee hee, It's only 3 feet high :D