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What's that you say? I have to go back to classes???

Oh, um... I can't. Seems that my door is protesting me leaving, and covering the doorknob ;)
Looks like I have to stay here then.

Darn...and I was so looking forward to school ;) Tee hee hee

I still have a bit of packing to do, but if I am trying to consolidate it all into one big bag, and one smaller one. That way I don't have as much running back and forth between the apartment and the car. I am procrastinating on this though, seeing as it doesn't look like the door is going to let me out of the house anytime soon ;)

I've made a few crafts to take with me to decorate my room with. They will help me to feel more like I am here at home, rather than being stranded on Mt. Piles of Schoolwork and Stress :P

It is always difficult leaving my hubby, and now my kitty, and everything else that is my life here. This is my last semester though! Last time that I have to do this! :D And then it will be crazy real world stuff, but it also means I will get to be with my hubby and kitty :)

*fingers crossed* I can do this!

The word of the week has been shot, I hope to have it posted by tonight. Depending on how much more packing I get done today. If not it will be up tomorrow morning.

Well, off I go to find all of my clothes that I have strewn across the whole house!

See you soon!

Sorry for disappearing on all of you for so long. I became super duper sick the day after Christmas, and felt horrible for a week. I'm still a tad sick, but doing so much better :D

Goodness! I have so much to tell you that I am not sure where to start :P I guess I will start with our new addition to the family :) His name is Ulysses. He was my sister's kitty, but she was unable to keep him. So Zach and I said that we would take him in. He's such a sweetie, and is doing very well adjusting to his new home :D
I didn't take any photos with my new camera when I was sick, but I have all sorts of ideas of things to shoot right now :) especially since I picked up this book on amazon Inspired Photography. It is a wonderful book so far, and I highly recommend it to any type of artist having some creative blocks.

I have started my "52 Words" project for this year and the first word is up :) You can find it here 52 Words. I want this project to be fun, silly, and just plain old enjoyable for those of you who follow this project. Last year I learned how to become disciplined enough to take at least one photograph every week. I am now building upon that :)

It seemed like so much more to tell you when I first started this post, but that was it! hee hee hee. Well off I go to play with my camera more :) 
It was another crazy weekend that ensued :P Some good things, some bad things, but I was happy to spend time with my hubby, and so overall I feel it was a good weekend, with just a few bumps here and there.

Friday was lovely :) Zach told me that we could do whatever I wanted to do that day. I had some things in mind, but my glasses broke earlier in the week, so I had to take care of that first :) So now I have wonderful new glasses, which fit wonderfully, and are in one piece :D  After getting the glasses we went to a used bookstore where I attempted to find all of the old tattered books :)

Zach is getting very good at helping me find old books :D I picked one up the other day, and he said "Nah, that one is not as aesthetically pleasing as your other ones" hee hee hee :D

We also went to the music store so I could find some sheet music to be able to start practicing my flute again :D I miss it and my piano very much. Music has always been a big part of me, and so right now I just want to play ;)

Saturday I had class. We went to an art museum. It was really neat, and I took my daddy with me so that we could spend some time together :) Boy were we tired after all of that though. 3 museums! craziness! ;)

My favorite piece :) It seems like hands were the name of the game this weekend!
Sunday went well until Zach accidentally spilled boiling water on his hands :( Poor thing. We drove around town trying to find a place that would take our insurance. We finally found a place only 10 minutes away, and so they took us in and cared for his hands right away. He was miserable after all this, but his hands are doing better now, so we're happy about that :)
Zach's bandaged and iced burnt hand :P
Other than that, the picture from last week is up. I can't believe that 52 weeks is shortly coming to an end. No worries though ;) I'll be doing it again.

I hope you all have a lovely week :) Thanksgiving is coming soon! :D

Oh boy, what a crazy weekend/ new week my husband and I had. I had originally wanted to post about things happening at school, but then life took a few turns here and there.

On Saturday my hubby and I went to donate some blood to the red cross :) Last time I did this though I became really really sick, and almost had to go to the hospital, so I was pretty nervous about doing it again. We drove about 40 minutes from our house to find a place with a red cross bus. We go in the bus, fill out the forms and such, and then donate some blood. This time I got sick while they took the blood, not after. I continued to feel sick and super dehydrated for the remainder of the weekend; where I lived on the couch and Zach looked after me.

On Monday I was still down with Zach at the apartment, but was finally feeling better, and was going to head back up to school after we had breakfast together. Nope, I was so wrong about that.
Zach had gotten into a bad car accident that morning while I was waiting for him. Some guy had made an illegal u-turn in front of him at 40mph and they collided. Thankfully aside from being very very very sore, Zach is ok, and in one piece. I stayed down with him at the apartment for the day and the next morning to make sure that he was going to be alright, and able to get around until I see him again in a few days. Thankfully the doctors gave him some medicine that helps his muscles to relax, and also we booked him with a massage therapist yesterday, so that should help :)

It's scary to think if he had been doing the speed limit, how much worse that accident could have been. I am very thankful that aside from being a tad beaten up, that he is relatively ok :)

So that's where I've been, and that's why pictures have been a little on the skimpy side. I am back now though, and I have lots to share with you! :D New personal and business gallery pictures should be up by the end of this week :)
Until then!


It has been a little while since my last post :P I have been busy as a bee getting situated up here with classes and such. I have so much work, and the semester has just begun! hee hee. I love that I'm already asking people "soooo when is our next break?" lol.

As many of you may have noticed, my site looks a little different. I needed for it to be more organized, and so now when you hover over a section there may be a drop down menu to accompany it :) Oh! and the picture of the week now has an archive :) I'm still working on the galleries, so you may notice a lot of "under construction" signs everywhere, but have no fear! I am working very hard to get all of the galleries back up and running :)

Things have been going by so quickly this week, that I realized it is already Thursday, and I have not shot anything! Silly me, I must remedy that ;) Must get my picture of the week soon.

Well, that's all for the update, I need to get back to work on some papers and art projects.


I'm still working on cleaning up my computer (including photos) and so once I am finished with that, I will start posting some pictures to my blog :)

I have some very exciting news to tell you all, but unfortunately I can't tell you too much quite yet :P But I can tell you that it is related to my last few posts :) I will be able to tell you more here soon! I promise :)

Anyways, a lot has happened since I last wrote here. My parents came down to visit Zach and I a few weekends ago :) It was really nice. We took them downtown, and went to some museums and my favorite art gallery. I wanted to take them to the gardens, but unfortunately they were not open :( Our good friends came down to visit during the week, and so I had a good time perusing used bookstores, the mall, and some random little shops :) I bought a TON of books over the past few weeks. So far I am enjoying all of them, and wish that I could read all of them at the same time :) Alas, I can not :P so I'm taking them one by one, slowly making the pile of new used books diminish :P lolol.

Due to the exciting news that I received earlier this week, Zach and I decided to go out on a date :D It was a lot of fun. We went and saw the new "Karate Kid" movie. It was AWESOME! People in our theater were so into the movie :D Everyone was applauding and such :) It was great. Zach and I decided that is one that we will end up owning and watching again and again :)

That's about it now for the update :P More went on in my week, but I can't remember it right now :P hee hee.

Wow, it's been a little while since I have updated here :P Let's see, what have I been up to?

Well, in the photography world quite a bit actually! Last week my husband got me a film camera which I absolutely LOVE :D In no time I had shot my first roll of film on it, and so we went to develop it :) I am pretty happy how the pictures turned out. It was funny when we went to get the film developed. I kept telling my husband "now I'll know if I actually know what I am doing, or if I have just been cruising along on digital not knowing anything manual" :P lololol. Well, we both agreed that I knew what I was doing :)

Art wise, I've been working on quite a bit as well. Earlier this week, I went downtown with the kid that I have been watching for the summer. I took him to a few art galleries and studios. I think that he had a good time :) I know that I had a blast! It was really neat to get to talk to some local artists and to visit their studios :) I don't know what it is, but seeing other people's creative spaces is inspiring to me.

The past two days I've been feeling yucky though :P Tuesday I lived on the couch, Wednesday in bed :P My husband was super sweet though, and helped me to feel a lot better :) I'm still feeling cruddy today, but not nearly as bad as the past days :) So due to that, I'm going to go down the street, and go treat myself to a new haircut :D I want to have my hair at a manageable length again because right now it's a tad too long for the summertime :P

Well, that's about it on the update. I need to go and get cleaning because Zach and I have some good friends coming to visit this weekend, and the house is a bit messy, and we are quickly running out of clean clothes :P  So off to do that! The picture of the week should be up by tomorrow :)