EarthyPaws Prints
Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey! :D It looks like there will be some photography tips and tutorials coming up in the near future :) Which I am very excited about. So thank you all again! :)

In other news  I need to decorate the walls of our apartment desperately :P hee hee. The problem is I'm not quite sure what to put up :P Any ideas??? My husband and I have been slowly fixing up the apartment to look like we actually live in it. It's actually coming along quite nicely, and has been a lot of fun :) The plants are sprouting now, and seem to be very happy with where I have put them. Our daisies are now coming out of the pot and have leaves! I can't wait till the flowers bloom :D

Our cardinal seems to have had a chat with other birds of the neighborhood because now we see so many of them! My husband said he thinks that the birds just needed to know that it was safe. I think he was right :) because now there are everywhere! :D

I haven't figured out what to shoot for the picture of the week :P I thought about taking a picture of our messy apartment this morning (because we had neglected it for a few days :P Oops!) but then decided against it because well, it's a mess! lololol. Maybe the picture of the week will be one of my clay creations :) I've been working on a few, and have wanted to share them with you all. We'll see if I can buckle down, and finish them by Friday though :) Probably not, but who knows! hee hee.

Oh! And this week I will be updating my business and fine art photography pages :) If I have time I will also be working on my shop :D Wow! I've got a bit to get done by Friday. Well, off I go!