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Finally announcing the exciting news! :D

It has been soooo hard not to spoil this surprise for you guys! Even though I did spoil it for some of you anyways, cause I'm such a chatterbox :P hee hee. But the news is finally coming out! :D A few months ago I started to submit some of my photographs to some magazines, and made it into one! :) It is a beautiful magazine, and I love reading it. So many fun crafty ideas and vintage eye candy ;) I feel so blessed and grateful that they accepted me :)

These pictures were created during a very beautiful time of my life, and the beauty just keeps continuing, due to very special people in my life :) Especially my wonderful husband who stood by me, supported me, and pushed me (in a loving way ;) to actually submit :) My family and friends, and anyone who reads this blog, thank you for your kind words when I was having "photography low self esteem" lolol. You all are awesome! :)

The top with the flower on the book
I hope to continue to grow in the wonderful love that everyone has shared with me...

The top with the flower on the piano, and the bottom right with the letters on the books
And to return that love in ten-folds :)

Thank you for the support everyone! It means more to me than you know! :)


Oh! and I wanted to share this heavenly piece with you :) It's very peaceful.

 It was such a lovely weekend with my husband :) We went to a tea room, an art gallery, old used book store, and a museum downtown. It was just what both of us needed :) I found a gallery that seemed very accepting and caring. I can't wait to join them! :) And I love their name "The Art Guild" It makes me feel like it is medieval times when you belonged to a guild of your craft :) I will not be filling out an application for them for about a year though due to school :P

I'll be ready with all sorts of work to present them when I am done with school though ;)

This picture I posted is from the tea room that Zach and I went to. It seems to sum up the day that we had together. Light, bright, and lovely :)

I've been working feverishly on all sorts of photography things today, and I can't wait to unveil them :D

Oh, and I have been working on some clay creatures that you will meet very soon! In fact, I need to go and work on them some more. I hope that you have a lovely week!


Oh! also I have this song stuck in my head. It's from the first Doris Day movie that I ever saw :) 

Ok, so I have submitted to two magazines so far, and have only received a "sorry, but we can't use your images at this time" from one magazine, so there is still hope! :) I still have a few more to submit to. I have to say, it is super difficult to try to put yourself out there. These photographs are a part of me, and sending them to people I don't know for a chance for them to be used or rejected...well, it's not easy :P

I didn't realize it but, I've been a tad stressed :P and so yesterday Zach forbid me from any housework. "But what am I supposed to do?!?!" I asked him, "I don't know". Was his reply :P And so, it led to a day of finishing thank you cards, photographing hummingbirds, gardening, and some painting :) Oh, a random fact about me, I like to listen to books on tape as I paint. Currently I am listening to "The Hobbit" :)

I'm thinking of posting a picture with each blog post. I feel like I post a lot of pictures though, but it may make the blog look prettier :) Hee hee hee. What do you think?

I still feel pretty wound up :P So I think today I'm going to paint some more, work on pictures, and cuddle up with a book a little later :) Orrrrr a book recording :P hee hee hee!

Well, off I go to take care of a few chores and then some relaxing later :)

 At the beginning of the week Zach and I got to visit with some of our very good friends :) We had a good time shopping and going to museums and galleries downtown. Lots and lots of walking :D Unfortunately, they were only here for a few days, but we had a good time :) We'll see them again in a few weeks though :)

Yesterday I played around in my art room. I thought that I had only been in there for about an hour, but then I got a call from Zach saying he was on his way home from work. What????? it's been  4 HOURS I've been working on stuff????? Yep, 4 HOURS playing with photos, paint, and clay. Hee hee hee :) So here's what I got finished yesterday, and want to share with you all. I've been working on this one for a little while. It has taken me a bit to get all of the materials together :P

He's my "Sea Dragon" hahaha, get it? Sea dragon? :) I thought that it was cute that sea horses are sometimes called sea dragons, and so this idea sparked in my head :) The picture doesn't show it well, but this is all displayed in a shadow box. Goodness, this project has taken me quite a long time. I think I have actually been working on it since a little after we moved here :P I love it though, and it is now being displayed in our guest bathroom :)

The second piece I worked on yesterday was another piece that I have been working on for about 2 weeks. I wanted to find a way to combine my photography and paintings, so this is how this painting came about :)

Umm, for some reason the website keeps changing the coloring of the photograph when I enlarge it :( So just imagine this a tad darker, with the blues more blue and the greens more green :P lolololol.

Anywho, here is some detail of the bird. This is one of the birds who comes and visits our balcony :)

Hmm, it did the same thing with the color again :( Oh well :P I'm not sure what I am going to do with the painting, I think I may get a frame for it and hang it in our living room :)

Well, that's what I have been up to. I think I may already have my picture of the week, but I'm not sure, so I am going to wait till tomorrow or saturday to post it :) So stay tuned for that :)

Since I played with art yesterday, today is cleaning day. So off I go!