EarthyPaws Prints
I just put some new photographs into my shop (clicking on the link will open a window to my shop). I will be working on my shop more this weekend, and next week :) So take a stop on by and check it out :) Oh! and the exciting news I mentioned to you all a while ago, will soon be revealed! :D

An update for you :) Zach is still hurting a bit, but seems to be feeling better and better each day :) Now we are preparing for his knee surgery which is coming up faster than we had expected :P

Classes on the other hand have been busy, but enjoyable for the most part :) I just realized the other day that the semester will be done fairly soon, Yay!!!

I also realized that christmas is sneaking up on us fast, and I need to start making everyone's gifts :) A few years ago I was dirt poor at christmas, and so I created a gift for each person. I loved the whole process so much, and feel that I am truly giving from my heart, that I continued to crafts everyone's gifts for the holidays :)

I should have the picture of the week up by tomorrow or friday :) So keep your eyes out for that :D Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone! :D