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 At the beginning of the week Zach and I got to visit with some of our very good friends :) We had a good time shopping and going to museums and galleries downtown. Lots and lots of walking :D Unfortunately, they were only here for a few days, but we had a good time :) We'll see them again in a few weeks though :)

Yesterday I played around in my art room. I thought that I had only been in there for about an hour, but then I got a call from Zach saying he was on his way home from work. What????? it's been  4 HOURS I've been working on stuff????? Yep, 4 HOURS playing with photos, paint, and clay. Hee hee hee :) So here's what I got finished yesterday, and want to share with you all. I've been working on this one for a little while. It has taken me a bit to get all of the materials together :P

He's my "Sea Dragon" hahaha, get it? Sea dragon? :) I thought that it was cute that sea horses are sometimes called sea dragons, and so this idea sparked in my head :) The picture doesn't show it well, but this is all displayed in a shadow box. Goodness, this project has taken me quite a long time. I think I have actually been working on it since a little after we moved here :P I love it though, and it is now being displayed in our guest bathroom :)

The second piece I worked on yesterday was another piece that I have been working on for about 2 weeks. I wanted to find a way to combine my photography and paintings, so this is how this painting came about :)

Umm, for some reason the website keeps changing the coloring of the photograph when I enlarge it :( So just imagine this a tad darker, with the blues more blue and the greens more green :P lolololol.

Anywho, here is some detail of the bird. This is one of the birds who comes and visits our balcony :)

Hmm, it did the same thing with the color again :( Oh well :P I'm not sure what I am going to do with the painting, I think I may get a frame for it and hang it in our living room :)

Well, that's what I have been up to. I think I may already have my picture of the week, but I'm not sure, so I am going to wait till tomorrow or saturday to post it :) So stay tuned for that :)

Since I played with art yesterday, today is cleaning day. So off I go!


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