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Finally announcing the exciting news! :D

It has been soooo hard not to spoil this surprise for you guys! Even though I did spoil it for some of you anyways, cause I'm such a chatterbox :P hee hee. But the news is finally coming out! :D A few months ago I started to submit some of my photographs to some magazines, and made it into one! :) It is a beautiful magazine, and I love reading it. So many fun crafty ideas and vintage eye candy ;) I feel so blessed and grateful that they accepted me :)

These pictures were created during a very beautiful time of my life, and the beauty just keeps continuing, due to very special people in my life :) Especially my wonderful husband who stood by me, supported me, and pushed me (in a loving way ;) to actually submit :) My family and friends, and anyone who reads this blog, thank you for your kind words when I was having "photography low self esteem" lolol. You all are awesome! :)

The top with the flower on the book
I hope to continue to grow in the wonderful love that everyone has shared with me...

The top with the flower on the piano, and the bottom right with the letters on the books
And to return that love in ten-folds :)

Thank you for the support everyone! It means more to me than you know! :)


Oh! and I wanted to share this heavenly piece with you :) It's very peaceful.

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