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A ladybug cupcake for you! :D
Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope that you have a great day, and remember, the day is not only about love you give to others, but also love that you give to yourself. Show yourself that you care for you. Be romantic with yourself. Buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to a massage or a nice bath, watch your favorite movie while you munch on your favorite dessert, sleep in, or whatever else you may come up with :) The ideas are endless!

Because of work and school my hubby and I celebrated our valentines day this past weekend. It was lovely and just what both of us needed. A mini vacation :) I'm now refreshed and ready for classes this week :)

Oh! and don't forget, there's still time to print some valentines to hand out :) You can find them right here.

I'm off to go do some singing now. I have two tests today which I am very nervous about, but I think all will be ok once I am actually taking them :) Have a great day! and Happy Valentines Day! :D


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