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What's that you say? I have to go back to classes???

Oh, um... I can't. Seems that my door is protesting me leaving, and covering the doorknob ;)
Looks like I have to stay here then.

Darn...and I was so looking forward to school ;) Tee hee hee

I still have a bit of packing to do, but if I am trying to consolidate it all into one big bag, and one smaller one. That way I don't have as much running back and forth between the apartment and the car. I am procrastinating on this though, seeing as it doesn't look like the door is going to let me out of the house anytime soon ;)

I've made a few crafts to take with me to decorate my room with. They will help me to feel more like I am here at home, rather than being stranded on Mt. Piles of Schoolwork and Stress :P

It is always difficult leaving my hubby, and now my kitty, and everything else that is my life here. This is my last semester though! Last time that I have to do this! :D And then it will be crazy real world stuff, but it also means I will get to be with my hubby and kitty :)

*fingers crossed* I can do this!

The word of the week has been shot, I hope to have it posted by tonight. Depending on how much more packing I get done today. If not it will be up tomorrow morning.

Well, off I go to find all of my clothes that I have strewn across the whole house!

See you soon!

1/21/2011 09:59:26 am

Very cute door. I'm sure your husband is glad that you would rather stay with him. Now I need to catch up with your posts to find out what you are studying...

1/26/2011 02:12:51 am

Thank you :) I think this door is the biggest out of the creatures I have created so far. I told my husband that I want to do something with a tree, but we'll see ;). Oops! I don't think I have ever written on here what I am working for my degree in :P I'll have to post about that next! :D

3/2/2011 05:48:30 pm

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