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 It was such a lovely weekend with my husband :) We went to a tea room, an art gallery, old used book store, and a museum downtown. It was just what both of us needed :) I found a gallery that seemed very accepting and caring. I can't wait to join them! :) And I love their name "The Art Guild" It makes me feel like it is medieval times when you belonged to a guild of your craft :) I will not be filling out an application for them for about a year though due to school :P

I'll be ready with all sorts of work to present them when I am done with school though ;)

This picture I posted is from the tea room that Zach and I went to. It seems to sum up the day that we had together. Light, bright, and lovely :)

I've been working feverishly on all sorts of photography things today, and I can't wait to unveil them :D

Oh, and I have been working on some clay creatures that you will meet very soon! In fact, I need to go and work on them some more. I hope that you have a lovely week!


Oh! also I have this song stuck in my head. It's from the first Doris Day movie that I ever saw :) 

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