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Sorry for disappearing on all of you for so long. I became super duper sick the day after Christmas, and felt horrible for a week. I'm still a tad sick, but doing so much better :D

Goodness! I have so much to tell you that I am not sure where to start :P I guess I will start with our new addition to the family :) His name is Ulysses. He was my sister's kitty, but she was unable to keep him. So Zach and I said that we would take him in. He's such a sweetie, and is doing very well adjusting to his new home :D
I didn't take any photos with my new camera when I was sick, but I have all sorts of ideas of things to shoot right now :) especially since I picked up this book on amazon Inspired Photography. It is a wonderful book so far, and I highly recommend it to any type of artist having some creative blocks.

I have started my "52 Words" project for this year and the first word is up :) You can find it here 52 Words. I want this project to be fun, silly, and just plain old enjoyable for those of you who follow this project. Last year I learned how to become disciplined enough to take at least one photograph every week. I am now building upon that :)

It seemed like so much more to tell you when I first started this post, but that was it! hee hee hee. Well off I go to play with my camera more :) 

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