EarthyPaws Prints
Ok, so I have submitted to two magazines so far, and have only received a "sorry, but we can't use your images at this time" from one magazine, so there is still hope! :) I still have a few more to submit to. I have to say, it is super difficult to try to put yourself out there. These photographs are a part of me, and sending them to people I don't know for a chance for them to be used or rejected...well, it's not easy :P

I didn't realize it but, I've been a tad stressed :P and so yesterday Zach forbid me from any housework. "But what am I supposed to do?!?!" I asked him, "I don't know". Was his reply :P And so, it led to a day of finishing thank you cards, photographing hummingbirds, gardening, and some painting :) Oh, a random fact about me, I like to listen to books on tape as I paint. Currently I am listening to "The Hobbit" :)

I'm thinking of posting a picture with each blog post. I feel like I post a lot of pictures though, but it may make the blog look prettier :) Hee hee hee. What do you think?

I still feel pretty wound up :P So I think today I'm going to paint some more, work on pictures, and cuddle up with a book a little later :) Orrrrr a book recording :P hee hee hee!

Well, off I go to take care of a few chores and then some relaxing later :)

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