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The chipmunk has nothing to do with the post, I just haven't seen many of them lately :(
Yay! Zach and I have a new car :D Well...not "new" but "gently used" :D It's a really nice car and fits our needs, plus it's super comfy for those long trips between the different states :) We're super excited!

In other news, as many of you probably have noticed I made some big changes to my official website and my blog. I felt the need to have a place strickly for business and another for personal. I love both of them, and I'm still getting both of them together more. So check back frequently for new things added :)

I'm kind of sad right now because I lost the battery charger for my camera, and both of my batteries are dead :( So that means no pictures right now on my digital. I do however have my film camera, and so that it getting even more use now :) So who knows, perhaps it was God's way of saying, "hey Alli, shoot with your film camera for a while :)".

Oh! also, Zach and I are going to our very first Halloween party! :) I think I'm going to dress as a witch (I know I know super original :P) I've been a little short on time to prepare a costume for it, and I already have the hat, and broom and such, soooooo...Hee hee hee hee :D See! I already have the cackle down and everything. I have to go as a witch now! :D

I hope I find my battery charger by then! :)


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