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I'm still working on cleaning up my computer (including photos) and so once I am finished with that, I will start posting some pictures to my blog :)

I have some very exciting news to tell you all, but unfortunately I can't tell you too much quite yet :P But I can tell you that it is related to my last few posts :) I will be able to tell you more here soon! I promise :)

Anyways, a lot has happened since I last wrote here. My parents came down to visit Zach and I a few weekends ago :) It was really nice. We took them downtown, and went to some museums and my favorite art gallery. I wanted to take them to the gardens, but unfortunately they were not open :( Our good friends came down to visit during the week, and so I had a good time perusing used bookstores, the mall, and some random little shops :) I bought a TON of books over the past few weeks. So far I am enjoying all of them, and wish that I could read all of them at the same time :) Alas, I can not :P so I'm taking them one by one, slowly making the pile of new used books diminish :P lolol.

Due to the exciting news that I received earlier this week, Zach and I decided to go out on a date :D It was a lot of fun. We went and saw the new "Karate Kid" movie. It was AWESOME! People in our theater were so into the movie :D Everyone was applauding and such :) It was great. Zach and I decided that is one that we will end up owning and watching again and again :)

That's about it now for the update :P More went on in my week, but I can't remember it right now :P hee hee.

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