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About Me:

Hi! I'm Allison :) I am a musician, photographer, artist, and dreamer. I love to create, it is a need for my soul :) I love the natural world, and capturing moments from nature walks, or any kind of walk for that matter :) In the past I have used my photography for helping with conservation of our beloved planet and getting rescued animals adopted, along with other charity work.  Lately my art has been shifting into a more comedic sense of work, cute little faces have been popping up left and right in my mind, asking me to bring them to life :) I want my photographs and art to make people smile and laugh. If I can spread a bit of light in this world with whoever I meet, then that is good enough for me! :) I have my religious and spiritual views of the world, and I tend to follow a christian buddhist lifestyle, and try to express that in my photography and art. I enjoy the little things in life, such as rainfalls, sipping warm tea on a cool day, spending time with those that I love, and watching the sunset on a lovely evening :)

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